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Minimalist Baby Registry

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

It IS possible to live simply AND be a wonderful parent. In fact, you really only need 7 staple baby items.

All babies need is love and attention to reach their milestones.

So buy what you need. Skip what you can buy later. Remember, Amazon delivers in 2 days!



  1. Foldable changing station // link

  2. Stroller // link

Things you should skip

  1. Swaddles

  2. Burp rags & bibs

  3. Baby mirrors

  4. High chair

  5. Blankets

  6. Activity stations

  7. Bouncers, exersaucers, etc


CRIB // link

This crib can be used from birth until college! Plus, it's Greengold certified – less VOC toxins in the air.

CAR SEAT // link

This car seat can be used for several years. The ones you carry are SO heavy and you have to switch to this in the first year anyway. I find it easiest to use a baby carrier on the go.

DIAPER BAG // trendy // cheap

A diaper bag is a diaper bag. Get a cute one or get a cheap one. They serve the same purpose!

DIAPERS/WIPES // disposable // cloth

We do a mix of cloth and disposable diapering. Aldi diapers have WAY less chemicals than normal, are cheap, and are easy on my kids' sensitive skin.

And cloth diapering is surprisingly easy.

  1. Rinse out the waste

  2. Cold rinse cycle

  3. Hot cycle

  4. Hang to dry with a ceiling fan on

We wash them every 2 days with about 10 shells and 20 liners.


This is a must-have. More bonding time with baby, free hands to do stuff around the house, and this one is safe for hip development.

BOTTLES // link

Mason jar bottles are the best. You don't need a special brush to clean them and the jars can be used for baby food or other purposes.

CLOTHES // shirts // pants // pjs

People will buy you clothes, so I recommend not splurging. I have gender neutral, solid color shirts as staples and a few pants. And some jammies!



Personally, I don't have this and change my kids on the bed/floor/couch. But this is nice if you opt for a furniture piece. It can be folded and stored easily.

STROLLER // link

The Mockingbird stroller can converts from a single to a double stroller, and you can add an adapter for a third child. It's basically the same as the Uppa Vista, but half the price!

Things You Should Skip

  1. Swaddles

  2. Burp rags & bibs

  3. Blankets

  4. Baby mirrors

  5. High chair

  6. Activity stations

  7. Bouncers, exersaucers, etc

  8. Bottle warmer

Here's what you can do instead of buying these items! Swaddles, burp rags, bibs, and blankets

My kids never spit up and I had them when it was warm out! I would have rather bought them from Amazon when I needed them than having them taking up space in my drawers and never using them.

Baby mirrors

I have a normal size mirror that I lean against the wall and my daughter loves it!

High chair

I don't have one and use this Upseat instead. It's safe for hip development, too!

Activity stations, bouncers, etc.

Kids love to be held or sit with you while you do normal things like cooking, cleaning, etc. Half the time I throw a few measuring cups and spoons on the floor and they go to town! And when they need a change of pace, I stick them in a nice box!

Bottle warmers

Try the bottle cold! Or heat running hot water in a mug. Mine took a bottle cold no problem!

When we did need something, we borrowed or found one on Facebook Marketplace.

About Emilie

Emilie is a mother of two and owns a custom design shop: E + R Design Studio. Follow her on Facebook to learn tips and tricks about how to design a beautiful, minimal, and functional home.

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